THE OWL DRUG HANDBOOK, VOL I is an authenticated and verified book on the Owl Drug Company of San Francisco.  It contains 204 pages of text and pictures. It describes in detail the history of the company from its beginnings to its disappearance, its leadership, its policies and procedures for the company and depicts a sampling of many of the products, both rare and common.  The products include glass, go-withs, advertising, and company-related documents.  It is the only fully documented and historically accurate book/handbook authenticated by recognizable sources, i.e. the Library of Congress, the FDA, local, state, and national institutions, as well as colleges and universities.

THE OWL DRUG HANDBOOK, VOL II: is a continuation of Vol I.   It contains 104 pages of text and pictures, this volume contains many more pages of pictures then did VOL I. There have been many articles and statements that have been totally false and/or misleading.  Many of those statements made years ago have permeated all discussions about the Owl Drug Company.  Volume II will hopefully continue to put to rest many of these misconceptions, misstatements and falsehoods to the reader.  It will finally provide a clear picture of The Owl Drug Company of San Francisco.  A lot of the information presented in this book has never been publicly presented before.

The Owl Drug Company was an extremely active and productive company in SF. A great deal of the business practices currently in operation in the pharmaceutical industry today was pioneered by The Owl Drug Company of SF.  Little is known by San Franciscans of the greatness of this company and the major contributions it made to the city by the bay, the region in which it existed and the nation at large.

As you read Volume II of the Owl Drug Handbook and look through the pictures presented of the variety of products, documents, samples of stationery, advertisements and pictures of storefronts, I hope that you will get an appreciation of the true quality and rich variety that this company provided.

The pictures that follow are but a small sampling of the items included in the book:

Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of THE OWL DRUG HANDBOOK, VOL I or VOL II can do so in the following ways:  1) go to Google and type in  owldrugcollectorsblog and make a request there; or 2) email us at; or call us at 800-230-4466.  Payment for the book may be made by Visa/Mastercard/Discover or by money order.  The price of the set of the 2 volumes is $100.00 and $10.00  shipping/handling/insurance for the contiguous US states.  Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and international destinations will be determined by location and distance.  The proceeds from the sale of the book support the blog and the mission of the blog.